Welcome to Tempo Vape

Tempo Vape is an E-juice vape company located in California , U.S. Created after the passions that inspire our team: Music and Vape. Tempo came to life by a series of trails where our team experimented to find flavors that satiate the variety of palates of our costumers.

After collecting the data from our customers and experimenting to individualize our flavors our three flavors were born. Acoustic a Tropical Melon for people who enjoy fruits and flavors that can be used all day long.

Electric a Blueberry Cronut for people who enjoy the sweetness of pastries with a fruity touch, and Distortion a Strawberry Milkshake for those how need the rich flavor of milk and a delightful touch of strawberries.

All of our bottlers are 30ml and can be found in the following nicotine levels: 0mg and 3mg. To create a perfect balance, Tempo Vape is created with components that give our juices a 70% PG and 30% VG levels.

Now offering Wholesale program; We also invite you to visit our wholesale page for further information or by contact form or phone at 888-827-3248. No minimum quantity and free shipping for 1st time buyers. Make the Change! Be Tempo!